Hit the road – bike yourself fit

Bike to work

We all waited for this moment, the sun is shining and the days are getting longer. Spring is in the air and I feel finally awaking from the long winter sleep. I feel so much more motivated to go outside, I love this time of the year.

Last weekend I grabbed a bucket of water and detergent to recover my long forgotten bicycle, happily acknowledged that nobody needed an extra wheel or my be-loved basket during the winter months and after some cleaning and pumping it was better than new.

Great, well done! And what’s next, I actually have to use my bicycle but during the week I have hardly any time and the weekends are busy too. I know, I’m going to ride my bicycle to work EVERY DAY! This is a great idea, I get some really good cardiovascular training in the morning and the evening, work on my lower half of my body – lets move those tights and calves – and I’m hoping it will help me to shed some pounds from my waistline too. Not to forget about, I do not need to share my bicycle with thousands of people commuting every day on the overcrowded trams.

Bike with grafitti

Here it is how I will go about it:

  1. Look out for the weather forecast to make sure I do not have to start with an unpleasant experience
  2. Select the route which is appealing in terms of the traffic, topography and surrounding, I would like to enjoy my daily ride to work and not stress myself
  3. Get the proper shoes, it is just much more comfortable to get into my flats and keep my heels at work. TIP good reason going for shoes shopping
  4. Check the facilities at work, so I do not have to search for places right before my meeting starts
  5. Do not forget the good mood

Ready, steady BIKE!

Papa Joe grafitti