Welcome to my blog – how it all starts

Profile_The DesiredMe_about meI started to write this blog to inspire all women living a busy life, strive to achieve more but fail to strike the right balance between career, family, friends and personal well-being. You know the feeling of the vicious circle, long hours at work, duties at home and suddenly your day is over and you have not done anything good for yourself. You are telling “Nevermind! I will catch up with my work-out routine later”, or “Tomorrow I will eat much healthier it was just an exception”, or “Cute pants I will be able to wear them again by the summer, I have plenty of time to get in shape”. Nice lies you are telling yourself, comforting aren’t they?

I’m in this vicious circle myself. Despite all my good intentions e.g. I have gone through different dietary plans, personal training sessions, I had several gym memberships and subscriptions to health magazines, I even ran a marathon last year just to mention a few, still I could not make a break through. Sure, a short while I had some success but when the next hurdle came into my life my good habits and intentions were out of the window. Why is it so hard not to bounce back to your old routine?

Then it stroke me, all these years all this hard work and dedication desperately trying to stay on the right path cost me so much energy, energy I lost on a daily basis by being used up at work. How can I regain this energy? Energy comes from people and people are more approachable than ever. You do not need to look out for people in your nearest surrounding anymore to bundle up with, you can get your missing daily portion of energy and motivation right here through the support of your fellow girl companions!

Ladies that’s right, join me to embark on a journey of self discovery and let’s find together your own DesiredMe!

Power up girls!

Truly Yours,