How to get yourself motivated to stick to your exercise routine and have fun

How to motivated yourself to do more sport and have fun

The dilemma many of us facing is how to embed regular exercising routine into our lifestyle. We have way too many things going on during the day at work, family matters or just catching up with old friends we have not seen for a while. And when the weekend comes we can’t wait to finally relax, go for a short weekend trip or just do absolutely nothing (shocking right?).These are all very good reasons to skip your exercise routine and choose rather your duty or leisure.

I would be lying if I would not face this dilemma over and over again, which motivates me even more to find a way out which works for me and hopefully could work for you as well. As many things it all comes down getting to know yourself, setting clear priorities (yes, this is a time when you grab your pencil and a piece of paper) and go through what is really important for your happiness and how it comes together with you feeling fit, healthy and balanced.

Here is my story

Problem realisation: it happened just a few years back when I spent a wonderful weekend at the beach in Slovenia with my family. Everything was all good but I could not truly enjoying myself, which was very unlike me. I was wondering what was wrong, I love travelling, I love going for weekend trips with friends and family, I love the sun and the water, I love late nights out with wine and good food. Well, back then I was working late hours, eating on the go and skipping sports which led to increased weight and even more frustration. I did not truly realised the seriousness of the case and the impact on me until the point the bikinis were out of my suitcase. I was wondering how can I keep my self-confident if I’m simply not happy in my body. On the other hand I did not want to give up completely my lifestyle, I needed to find a solution where I can still enjoy the things I love but I do not have to jeopardise my body and gain back my self-confidence.

Finding solutions: I was not a big runner before, yes I went for jogging time to time but I would not have called it regular. However I realised that running is a sport which is giving me a lot of freedom. I can do whenever and wherever I want, I’m not dependent on anybody. I can even do it when I’m on a weekend trip in the mountains, traveling for business or enjoying my city break abroad. Adding running into my current lifestyle just seemed like a good match.

Putting into action: the next step was to create a clear plan of what do I want to reach within a certain timeframe, how often I have to go running per week to reach my goal and which time of the day would work for me the best. As a motivating factor I signed up for my very first half marathon abroad. Why abroad? Well, this is what I love to do, travelling is my true passion and nothing makes me run more than the thought that in a few months I will be racing down the streets of my favourite city or a place I always wanted to go. Combining my hobby and life passion with healthy lifestyle was a way for me to find the missing motivation and turn exercise into my every day activity. And the best part of it, as soon as you are open for this lifestyle change, you will find people who are as passionate about it as you. So why not organising a family, friends or team event? You get a healthy amount of competition which keeps you on your toes and a possibility to share these moments with people who care about you.

To Sum it up: independently which exercise you choose the best way is to fit it into your lifestyle, combine it with your life passion and find people in your environment you can share with. Find a positive spin and go with it. It is really rewarding when it all comes together…