Get your running shoes ready – time to get serious


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The time has come and we all have to get serious about the goals we want to achieve before the summer comes. It is always good to set goals which you can follow, it keeps you focused and motivated. Be sure though that these targets are realistic so you do not get discouraged during the way.

My personal goal is to run the half-marathon this year. Hey, of course you do not need to start with the half-marathon right away. If you are not a runner at all do not get discouraged there are plenty of other options to get your cardio exercise for weight loss (e.g. Nordic walking, spinning, swimming).

Whichever exercise you choose you have to make sure you can fit it into your daily schedule, so ask yourself these questions:

  1. When am I more active in the morning or evening?
  2. Can I motivate myself after work to get my exercise done?
  3. Can I get off work in time to do my exercise or my evenings are unpredictable?
  4. How important for me the flexibility?
  5. How important for me the group experience?
  6. Do I need a trainer to motivate me?

Think about this way, the day has 24 hours and you must find a 30 minutes time for yourself every other day to exercise, it can’t be so hard.

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My choice of cardiovascular exercise is running. I will do my trainings after work as I’m really not a morning person. I will set meetings in my business calendar to make sure I force myself out of the office in time. I will go directly home, change and go running to avoid any disturbance or temptations (yes, we all know about the inviting atmosphere of the nice cosy sofa). I downloaded my training schedule from a specialised runner website which offer free programs for various levels (beginners welcome). I will follow this plan the next 10 weeks to prepare for the half-marathon, which will require me to run every second day so I really have to get myself organised. I will hang the plan up right above my fridge so I can see every single day what I have to achieve and keep myself motivated.

Now it is your turn,

I want you to take a piece of paper and write down what you will exactly do and when, no excuses.

POST IT! I would like to hear about what is YOUR personal goal! It will make you do it even more!!! You do it for all of us girls!!!

Some goodies for future runners at Zurich region, Switzerland

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My favourite places to fit your mood:

  • Limmat river bank – starting from Werdinsel (run through a picturesque village, passing the Kloster Fahr)
  • Sihl river bank – starting from Saalsporthalle (nice green fields with forest belts, lovely)
  • Lakeside – Zurich lake, Greifensee (must do)
  • Forest running pathways “Finnenbahn” and “Vitaparcour” (link to sites)
  • Open for public athletic fields (link to sites)
  • Jogging communities (city running)